It began with a caterpillar

My initial thoughts began as I saw a butterfly flying in the sun, and realized she wasn’t always this beautiful. Several hours later I walked outside and was hit with moths attracted by our porch light and these are the words that followed, finding themselves on the pages of my journal…..


1) a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism

2) a complete change of form, structure, or substance as transformation by magic or witchcraft

3) any complete change in appearance, character, circumstance

Butterfly vs. moth-both go through the larvae-cocoon/chrysalis process, yet the butterfly comes out vibrant and the moth dull. The butterfly flies during the day and our eyes are attracted to her beauty. Moths (except for two large species) come out at night and are attracted to the light and blinded by their search for light. Why?

Writing #1 –

                As humans when we know Christ, others are attracted to the light in us. We thrive in His light. When we do not know Christ and are trapped in sin we live in darkness. Our sins are exposed by the light and our blind pursuit of happiness causes pain. We find ourselves in strange places-physical, spiritual, emotional, mental-because of this search for “light”. So often the things we choose to “fulfill” us are fake, plagiarized, deceit filled objects fed to us by the enemy. Just like a street light luring moths in to the soft glow amidst the black lit night, the enemy beckons us to accept life as it is in the flesh, satisfying lusts and distorted desires never seeking the true Son. The enemy wants us to settle for a fake source of light, a much lesser light which in the end will burn us and send us falling to the ground below. 

                When Christ’s light shines to expose our sin we are left with a decision-to change or remain. A moth and a butterfly are what they are. Their transformation from a caterpillar is merely external; it doesn’t change the kingdom of origination. Our change however is much more than what meets the mind’s eye.  The metamorphosis is one of continual renewal that changes our core identity and a transfer from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of light. (Col. 1:12-14) Unlike a moth or butterfly our transformation is never complete, in this life, and the cocoon is not a shell of isolation, but one of loving community covering our sin with the blood of the Lamb.  This is the story of metamorphosis and it is ours to tell, our beauty to show the world as we fly free in the light of the Son.


One thought on “It began with a caterpillar

  1. What a beautiful picture in words describing our transformation in Christ. And how awesome to know God created the butterfly as well as you and me. What a powerful Word from God, it is written, ” Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” II Corinthians 5:17

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